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About Our Store

From Imagination to Creation

BMC Designs LLC is a custom accessories and apparel clothier based in Atlanta, GA. Designer for women, men, children, and fur babies! BMC Designs was a dream of Brittany in 2006 when she decided to design her own 8th grade graduation dress. With the help of a family friend, her sketch of an off-the-shoulder, 3 tier pink dress, came to life! From that moment Brittany knew she wanted to pursue a career in fashion design. BMC Designs, was founded and branded several years later in 2011 when Brittany was a sophomore at O’More College of Design in Tennessee. This is where Brittany fine-tuned her craft of sewing and started designing pieces for family members and friends. The true highlight of her college experience was when she had the opportunity to showcase her Junior and Senior Collections at the 2014 Eloise Fashion Show. A few short years later, Brittany launched her website, social media accounts, and showcased her work at various Atlanta fashion shows.

We will be in touch soon!

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